Small Growing to Mid-Tier

For many years, the federal government has supported the success and growth of small businesses.  These set-asides have created the intended conseqences: successful companies growing by serving their government clients.

"Other than Small" Status" Poses New Challenges

Once these companies grow out of their NAICS codes, however, the ability to win contracts diminishes so significantly that many leave the market, purposefully get small again, or sell.  All of the innovation, investment, and wisdom is either lost or absorbed.  Lack of name recognition, misunderstanding about their value, and lack of familiarity with the value of mid-tier companies serving the market hurts competition and the market.


The Lion's Den of GTSC believes that if federal partners understood the value of working with these companies, more success, and better value, would follow.  See the mid-tier value proposition on our latest infographic.